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Renewable Energy

...for more than 500 years

The Upper Harz water management system, the largest pre-industrial energy system in the world, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

A system of ponds, ditches, watercourses, tunnels ensured the continuous operation of the water wheels in the mines.

In St. Andreasberg you can get to know three of the highlights of the Upper Harz water management system: Oderteich, Rehberger Graben and Samson Pit.

The Samson Pit is energizing

When you visit the Samson mine, you will have an electrifying experience: from 1912, two turbines installed in the shaft generate regenerative energy from hydropower. Together with four other above-ground systems, up to 90% of St. Andreasberg's electricity requirements can be covered - sustainably, climate-neutrally and safely.

The way the technicians go to check and maintain the turbines at a depth of 130 and 190 m is also emotionally charged. The colleagues from Harzenergie drive on the last operational mechanical ladder in the world and still like the miners since 1837: without safety device.... see a video

The topic of sustainable energy production is now also an elementary part of the didactic communication of the World Heritage Site at the Samson Pit. With us you will also learn more about the locations of regenerative energy production in St. Andreasberg.