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Catharina Neufang


Ticket shop: Mining museum

Adults: 4,00 €

Children (5-15 yrs): 3,00 €

Minimum price: 40,00 €

Age restriction: 5 years

Currently closed

Catharina Neufang Mine

is closed actually

due  to maintenance

In winter season closed

for nature conservation


Visit: only in a guided tour

Helmet: obligatory

Equipment: provided by us

fon: +49 (0)5582 1249


This mine, which is located opposite the Samson Mine, was in operation well before 1575; its narrow, crooked extraction area makes it particularly authentic.

Today, a visit to the Catharina-Neufang mine is an exciting trip through time. Along with the historical mining techniques featuring hammer and pick work, a modern hammer drill driven by compressed air is shown in operation. The highlight is an open, completely mined ore crevice that is around 240 m deep.

Actually closed due to maintenance!