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Visitor rules

  1. The instructions of the visitor guide must be followed.
  2. The Samson Pit is visited as a group. If you leave the group, this must be reported to the visitor guide.
  3. Sturdy shoes and warm clothing are recommended.
  4. We ask that you do not touch exhibits that are not intended for this purpose.
  5. Persons over 1.75 m in height have to walk a short part of the tunnel in a stooped position.
  6. Dogs can be taken on request. The owner is responsible for the dog.
  7. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the mine, in the buildings and directly in front of them (fire alarm system).
  8. Please dispose of waste in the designated containers.
  9. The operator is not liable for dirt and damage to clothing.
  10. The ascent from the tunnel is not strewn in winter. Please use the handrail.
  11. People who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances are not allowed to take part in a guided tour. Persons whose behavior disrupts or endangers museum operations or damages the reputation of the museum can be excluded from the museum visit. This also applies to violations of these user regulations. The entrance fee is non-refundable.
  12. Film and photo recordings for private use are permitted, whereby the personal rights of third parties must be observed. Commercial recordings are subject to approval and a fee and must be registered before a visit.
  13. By participating in a public event, guests and participants agree that photos and film recordings of the event may be published on the website of the Samson Mine Museum & Adventure Center, in social networks or in our own print documentation.
  14. The legal guardians and persons responsible for supervision (teachers, supervisors, etc.) are responsible for supervising minors during the entire visit to the museum.
  15. The use of signs of unconstitutional organizations is prohibited according to §86a StGB. Characteristics are in particular flags, badges, pieces of uniform, slogans and forms of greeting as well as those that are confusingly similar to them.
  16. All guests must follow the currently applicable distance and hygiene rules.